Smart Water Heater for Raleigh Homes

At Bolton Construction & Service, we know the importance of keeping your home updated with the technology that makes your life easier. As the same construction company that you’ve known and trusted for the past century, we have developed with the times to bring you the latest innovations that improve your home.

Our team works closely with you to help you find the right smart hot water heater in Raleigh for your specific needs. With smart water heaters and smart water heater controls, it’s our goal to help you control your home’s water heating for an easier and more efficient experience. Backing our technology with a 5-year warranty, we ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and services.

Smart Hot Water Heater in Raleigh by Moen

Smart Hot Water Heaters

Smart water heater technology not only makes your home smarter but more efficient with eco-friendly smart technology that regulates water temperature. Unlike traditional water heaters, smart hot water heaters are easily controlled through your electronic device and can be set to conserve energy when you’re away from your home. For Raleigh homeowners who want to live smarter, smart hot water heaters are the way to go.

Moen Smart Hot Water Heaters

Moen brings smart water heater technology to your fingertips with easy control functionality. With models such as Flo, homeowners can enjoy a range of innovative features that include smart water shut off and leak detection. Other features include

● Proactive maintenance alerts
● Automatic shut-off features for water conservation
● Smart water use detection
● User-friendly Moen app controls

Flo is installed on the main water supply line of the home. Simply by accessing the app on your mobile device or web browser you can see live water use, water flow rates, pressure levels, and temperatures.

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Rheem Smart Water Heaters

Rheem smart hot water heaters take energy efficiency to the next level with progressive hybrid heater models equipped with advanced features such as smart screen controls. Rheem smart water heaters include innovative heaters model such as:

  • Professional Prestige ProTerra Hybrid Heater
  • Performance Platinum ProTerra Hybrid Heater
  • Performance Platinum Series Hybrid Heater
  • Performance Prestige Series Hybrid Heater

For whatever your reason may be, our team helps you find the right commercial outdoor lighting for your business at the right price. Working with your landscaping and structure, our expert team solves your outdoor lighting issues with attractive and quality lighting options that you and your customers will appreciate.

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Smart Water Heater Controller in Raleigh, NC, and the Surrounding Areas

Smart water heater controls not only function to save you time, but they save you energy and help you to conserve water. Accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or smart device, smart water heater controls make hot water heating simple and hassle-free for an improved and more efficient water heating experience. By transforming your basic hot water into a modernized and functional unit that’s up with the times, you can improve your home and save your hard-earned dollars.

Our team of skilled plumbing and heating technicians works with you and your budget to find you the right smart water heater controls and technologies to improve your home and your overall satisfaction. Serving the Raleigh area since 1925, we are constantly developing and upgrading our services and technologies to keep your home current and more efficient. Contact us today to talk about your hot water heater needs!

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